• FAQ’s

    Can I have all my dental treatments done in the first appointment?

    It all depends in the procedures that you will require and if you arrive prepared with the method of payment of your convenience.

    Some procedures require that your oral hygiene and conditions of your gums must be in a healthy stage in order to have success in the results that we expect.

    Can I have an implant placed on the first day of my appointment?

    Our experience has taught us that optimal results usually require 3 appointments (if the patient has the available time). A typical timeline for appointments follows:

    • First appointmen t- Evaluation of oral health (CT scan, X-Rays, surgical guide (if needed), discuss patient expectations and options in the plan of treatment, diagnose final plan of treatment, estimate and method of payment, prescribe medication and general health.
    • Second appointment – surgery implant(s) placement.
    • Third appointment – follow up and laser therapy.

    Note: In the event a patient meets the conditions (good oral and general health plus patient availability), we can reduce the procedure time frame only when all arrangements have been done.

    What are your method of payments?

    We accept cash, traveler checks, cashier checks (payable to Yasmin Ruiz), credit cards only (NO DEBIT CARDS.) Note: there is a 3% international fee on credit cards.

    My dentist told me that I need a root planning and scaling, “RPS”. Is this a deep cleaning?

    No. The difference between deep cleaning and root planning and scaling is when the patient presents gum pockets greater than 4mm, bone loss, teeth mobility, severe bleeding, inflammation, and pain. RPS must be performed by a gum specialist (periodontist).

    How many visits do I need?

    It depends on the procedures that you will require. The goal is to work in an environment where patient and professional feel comfortable and not rush the procedures. It is important for us that our patients help us by respecting the biological times that each procedure requires in order to accomplish the results that we expect. Limiting the time the procedures take will increase the chances of failure.

    We understand that most of our patients come with limited time, but one’s health is worth the time.

    I need to make an appointment for cleaning. How much will it cost?

    Before a cleaning, a hygienist will check the condition of the teeth (mobility, sensibility, plaque, stains, tartar, chips, etc), gums (inflammation, periodontal pockets, recessions, sensibility, pain) and other special needs (like pacemaker). Once the evaluation is complete, we will tell you what kind of cleaning needed as well as cost.

    Why are your prices different than other dentists?

    Through 18 years of dentistry experience in Los Algodones, we have seen other offices offer lower priced services which is directly related to lower quality equipment and materials. We follow the path of excellence and for that reason we hold ourselves to high standards in our services, facilities, materials, continued education and qualified staff. We believe we offer a fair and reasonable price.

    After all, one of the best investments you can make is in yourself and your health.

    Can I have crowns made in the same day?

    Usually, no. It depends in the season of the year. During our busiest times, we need at least 2 or 3 days to finish crowns. During the slow season, we can have it done in 24 hours once we made arrangements with the laboratory.

    Can we save dates for future dental treatments?

    If you already have your X-Rays and plan of treatment from your dentist, you can email us the information and we can save the appointments in our schedule. Do not worry, in one way or another, once we have the final plan of treatment, we always make room.

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