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Dr. Yasmin has been my dentist since 2005. She and her staff are amazing. My daughter an I personally visited over two dozen dental clinics in Algodones to talk to the dentist, see their credentials, and check out their equipment, offices, and sanitation. Although there were three that I felt comfortable with, when we visited Dental Betel I was immediately impressed. Her clinic is more state of the art than our dentist here. She is a perfectionist and the clinic and staff are immaculate.

Through the years i have watched Dr. Yasmin constantly updating her clinic and her education. She and her specialist attend seminars and training in California and always use the latest and best procedures and equipment. Since my first treatment I have never considered going anywhere else.

My husband and I are both teachers (retired now) and had Delta Dental Insurance. They required the dental work to be evaluated by a dentist here before they would reimburse us. They selected the dentist and oral surgeon to evaluate the work. Both evaluations rated the dental work as excellent and Delta reimburse us.

After we retired and no longer had dental insurance we still go to Dental Betel because we have complete confidence in Dr. Yasmin. Our family and friends were so impressed that many of them now go to Dr. Yasmin even though it is a 10 hours trip.

D. M.

Hollister, CA
I wish to give all compliments to Dr. Yasmin Carvajal and her colleagues. They placed all their effort in fixing my teeth, and give me the ability to eat all types of foods. Due the work they performed, I do not shy away from the opportunity to show my teeth in front of company. Dr. Yasmin and her colleagues successfully completed eight implants, fourteen crowns, and a few bridges which greatly enhanced my smile.

Before my arrival at Dental Betel (Los Algodones, México), I had a huge fear of dental offices. But Dr. Yasmin quickly made that fear disappear due to her confidence, kindness, professionalism and willingness to challenge every problem which is connected with her patients.

Dr. Yasmin exhibits a very patient character that is willing to answer any questions that the patient has. She also takes the time to explain the procedure in great detail to the patient. Her office is also very modern and equipped with the newest technology in the dental business.

Once Dr. Yasmin finished working on my dental problems, I immediately recommended her office to all my friends. She also became the major dentist for my wife and our two sons.

D. L.

Chandler, AZ
I’ve had 6 caps, 2 implants, 5 crowns, a sinus lift and a root canal with Dr. Carvajal and she is so outstanding! She is so nice and caring. Her office is spotless, and she uses the latest technology. She’s upfront and honest with her fees and her service, and she won’t quit until you are just right with your fittings or crowns. Her prices are a fraction of those in the USA, and her work is far better than I’ve had done at home. Scheduling is easy via email or phone, and her staff speak excellent English.

I’ve made several friends during visits and have been following their progress, all are delighted with their experience. On tripadvisor, there are several reviews for Dr. Carvajal (including mine), google them, and some reviews for how to navigate the border crossing and where to park.


Dental Betel, Yasmin, and her entire staff are life savers. I have been to her offices two times in the past 5 months traveling from McKinney, Texas. To say that Dental Betel saved my smile is an understatement. I had a six tooth bridge on my upper front teeth for over 30 years and it deteriorated and fell out due to the metal that was used back in 1980. Dr. Diana and her assistants evaluated me, took X-rays, an impression, and figured out a game plan for me. In only two visits to her office flying from Texas, they were able to make me a new bridge, install 4 posts, and completely restore my smile for a lifetime. I even got a certificate guaranteeing their work. One of the most amazing aspects of Dental Betel and their work was that each visit was completely painless after the procedure. They use high tech lasers for pain management and it works incredibly. After my final bridge was made and fitted in place, I walked next door and could eat lunch in no pain. My whole family will be using Dental Betel in the future and it’s well worth the trip. They saved me thousands of dollars compared to the same work I was quoted in the states. I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for Dental Betel, Yasmin, and her incredible staff. Their Dental technology is off the charts! I am planning another visit to them later this year on my way to visit family in California. I highly suggest anyone with any dental issues travel to Los Algodones to use Dental Betel. To Yasmin, Diana, and the entire staff, thank you so much for saving my smile.

P. P.

McKinney, Texas
Thank you for the outstanding service and care given to our daughters Erica and Lindsay! The work looks great and they were very happy with quality of services and no pain. My wife and I were specially pleased to see how professional your facility is run and most of all that you are born-again Christian!

We will get back with you shortly to schedule ap´pointment number two for both girls to complete final four cavity repairs.

M. & C.

I just wanted to say thanks you for the excellent work you did on my mouth! I am so happy with my crown! I even have flossed every day since I saw you! Anyway, thank you! Your staff was so professional and your office was clean and professional. I have given your card to 2 other friends and can only say good things about you.

May God bless you in your work!!

K. H.

I tell everyone here how great you are. Thank you so much for the wonderful dental work you do.

God answered my prayers in sending me to you!

W. W.

Taking a little time to express my appreciation and to thank you for your patience on how you handled my upper partial problem, you are excellent dentists! Please don’t let anyone tell you different. I really appreciate how particular you are with detail and how you solved my problem as you did. Adjustment you made is marvelous! I simply love using my new flex partial.

I will getting my lower partials done with you and other work when my fiances are more favorable.

Please use me as a reference if you like as I will certainly let others know what a wonderful dentist you really are!

Jehovah’s blessings and love!


I smile all the time!! I talk of you everyday because I feel so blessed to have had such a fine dentist work on  my teeth.

Yes, I keep you in my prayers and I know Diana my sister does also. I am sure she has you in her prayers at her Bible study group every week. God has really blessed you with a wonderful talent and it has to keep going. Wish we had more compassionate dentists here where I live. Funny thing, they all seem to be male dentists. Not that they are not compassionate, but not like women and not like you!!  We know that Richard is because he married you!!! You make a wonderful couple and have a fine business. Your assistants are wonderful too!!!

Thanks again for everything!!!


I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how extremely happy I am with you work on myself and daughter Jen. You can give my email to anyone that may want a reference as to your ability. I will plan to come back and have you do the tooth that the US dentist did and and are as equal or better equipped than what he is.  As much as I dislike dental visits, I look forward to my next visit with you.

Thanks again.

B. O.

For 15 years, dentists have done bad to worse work on my teeth; you finally changed everything. My profile is back, I LOOK YOUNGER, my self-esteem in speaking, even my posture has returned all because of you and your staff’s dedication to correcting my teeth. Eating, laughing and not being self-conscious in business is normal after all these years. My husband and I thank you/ staff very much, we highly recommend your office and want others to know why can trust you for the very best dental work

C. M.

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