To be an instrument of blessing for our patients and to improve their quality of life by promoting good oral health through the practice of high quality dental care and the establishment of a trusting, communicative, long-term relationship.


To improve the quality of life of each patient by working together to achieve our dental care goals by establishing communication and trust between doctor and patient to create an environment where both feel comfortable to succeed in dental care treatment.


To be an instrument of blessings and healing in God’s hands using our gifts, abilities and knowledge. We pursue excellence to please Him with our daily work, putting forth our best efforts daily and taking every opportunity that He brings us to honor Him by making a difference in our patient’s lives.

We hold ourselves to higher standards at Dental Betel. We believe...

That when we make a plan of treatment, each patient has to be treated as a special individual that has their own special needs, identity, family geneology, lifestyle, habits, concerns, appearance, beauty, purpose, expectations and value, and for all that, it’s worth it to take the time to:

  • Make sure you understand your condition and what is involved and comfortable moving forward to achieve our dental goal.
  • Be committed to help us to help you by respecting the biological timing that each procedure requires to have success.
  • Compromise with us to follow our directions and work together as a team to achieve our goal and keep yourself positive.
  • Meditate in: never comparing yourself with someone else when regarding results, because this can bring confusion and disappointment. We cannot compare ourselves with anybody else because we are unique by always focusing on the improvements that we have achieved such as quality of life and health, thus helping you feel at peace and happy with your dental work.

That in order to raise the percentage of success in each treatment, we need to motivate each patient by providing them with all the information necessary regarding their condition, such as: origin, effects, solution, prevention, maintenance, and to work together as a team to help each other to secure a successful treatment.

It is very important to have a connection and good communication between patients-professionals in order to develop a trusting relationship between patient-professional,  which maintains a positive attitude and to always focus on the positive side of things.

That as professionals and human beings, we can be instruments for healing and blessing in God’s hands to impact peoples lives.

Meet Our Team

D.D.S. Yasmin Carvajal

Graduated at the top of her class in the Faculty of Dentistry at the Autonomous University of Baja California.

D.D.S. Ana Laura Ames

Dr. Ames has been practicing dentistry in Los Algodones since 2011 and graduated from the Autonomous University of B.C.

D.D.S. Barbara Vidrio

Dr. Barbara has been practicing dentistry since 2001 and been a root canal specialist since 2004.

D.D.S. José Luis Barrera

Dr. Jose Luis has an implant residency at the Autonomous University of Baja California received in 2010.

Richard Ruiz

Richard enjoys transporting our patients and giving them short tours around Los Algodones.

Rosaisela Escobedo

Rosy has been working at Dental Betel since January 2016

Gabriela Chavez

Gaby has been working at Dental Betel for a year and loves her job and co-workers.

Cristina Beltrán

Dr. Barrera's Assistant

Brianda Barrios Rios

Born in Tijuana but a Los Algodones native, Brianda loves to spend time with her two children, who she adores.

Paulina Bermudez

Paulina has been working at Dental Betel since September 2005 and enjoys working with the doctor and her associates.

Paola Carvajal

Assistant Manager.