Considering us for your dental needs? Here's how to get started.


Send us your x-rays, pictures or plan of treatment recommended from your dentist along with your concerns and Dr. Yasmin will assess your x-rays or pictures and discuss your concerns over the phone between our working hours of 8am to 4pm.

Schedule Examination

If you decide to continue with us, an examination will be scheduled. The examination will evaluate your dental condition and general health. We will discuss your expectations and concerns, see different options in materials and choose the best option according to your needs, design a final plan of treatment, and set final cost estimate and treatment time frame.


We accept cash and credit cards (VISA & MASTERCARD) We can only accept $500 usd per patient on the Credit Card

There is 3% international fee for credit cards.Cashier checks (payable to Yasmin Ruiz) IT DOES NOT APPLY FOR FIRST TIME PATIENTS, feel free to contact us for any further information.