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Precision Dentistry: Dental Loupes: Our practice utilizes powered microscope loupes to enhance the precision of patient care, wich enables us to create dental restorations with incredible precise fit and finish. Dental Microscope: The dental microscope is use in different numbers of dental treatments for its greater accuracy and efficiency.

Precision Dentistry

We use a digital sensor instead the traditional photographic film to transfer the images to our computer. This give us the advantage to use less radiation and immediate image and best quality in the image.

Digital X-Rays

Help us to take picture in a magnified dimension so we can explain and show the patient images of the mouth.

Intraoral Camera

e) Dental Photography: In our practice we use DSLR Cannon Cameras with Macro lenses ( O’ rings and twin flashes) to take the intraoral and extraoral photos to register the sequence on the treatment plan.

Dental Photography

We use 2 different lasers in our practice. Surgical Laser: Which minimizes bleeding, reduce the damage to surrounding tissue and wounds heals faster. Therapeutic laser: Which stimulate cells to heal faster and reduce and prevent inflammation and pain.

Therapeutic and Surgical Laser

Dental Microscope

Endodontic Scaler

In our practice we use  the following: Prophylaxis Scaler: This ultrasonic device operates at low frequency and help us remove more efficiently the dental plaque, tartar and improves dramatically the periodontal debridement. Endodontic Scalex: This device helps to find calcified root canals and is less invasive to the tooth structure. Apex Locator: This electronic device measure the length of the tooth’s root when we do the root canal and help us to reduce the number of x-rays needed during the procedure

Prophylaxis Scaler (Ultrasonic)

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